Three WR’s worked out

The Patriots continue their fair share of veteran workouts. Today the Patriots looked at some WR’s, Charles Rogers, Kevin Johnson, and Jabar Gaffney.

Charles Rogers who was the 2nd overall pick in the 2003 draft has been a bust thus far with injuries. However, if he could somehow find the field he could be a very good WR in this league. I doubt we bring him in, but you never know.

Kevin Johnson was a guy that the Patriots looked at a couple of years back when he was released by the Browns. Johnson turned down the Pats offer and went on the Ravens, now he’s a free agent. Johnson is a veteran, so bringing him in the picture to a young WR corp might not be a bad idea.

Jabar Gaffney was drafted in round 2 by the Houston Texans, after some stellar season Gaffney left in free agency and went to the Philadelphia Eagles. Jabar didn’t last too long, getting cut in the middle of training camp.


3 Responses to Three WR’s worked out

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  2. poofer says:

    wouldn’t mind giving gaffney a shot

  3. poofer says:

    gaffney signed

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