Patriots Win Big In Cincinnati

Big and important 38-13 win against the Bengals today at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati. The offense was very impressive this afternoon, even though it was not fully clicking yet. But when it does other teams defensive should watch out, cause we do have some explosive players on the offensive side of the ball. I was a little worried about today’s game, with the lack of energy they came out with last week.

Tom Brady as usual had a superb game once again, but still not as good as he could have been. Brady went 15 for 26 with 188 yards in the air, with one interception and two touchdowns. He also had a big 21 yard run for a first down when the game was still close. Carson Palmer also had a decent game completing 20 out of his 35 passes for 245 yards but couldn’t find the end zone and also fumbling twice.

Big day on the ground with a total of 236 yards. Laurence Maroney was the big man on the ground today with 125 yards on 15 attempts, finding the end zone twice, and this was also his first 100 plus game of his NFL career. Corey Dillon also added in 67 yards on 17 attempts, and one touchdown. I was hoping for a bigger game from Dillon today, but at least Maroney stepped up big.

On the receiving end their was no single standout player. Doug Gabriel lead all receivers though with 57 yards on for receptions and one touchdown. Ben Watson had one big play that was good for 35 yards. Tight end Daniel Graham added four receptions which good for 34 yards. Also, Caldwell, Faulk, Maroney, and Jackson added in some yards of their own.

The defense also came threw today in a huge game. Defensive back Asante Samuel and Chad Scott lead all Patriots with five tackles. Jarvis Green and Rodney Harrison also added four tackles of their own. Some what of a disappointing game for Teddy Bruschi who had only three tackles and three assists.


2 Responses to Patriots Win Big In Cincinnati

  1. steve says:

    I thought Tedy had a great game. He dropped back in coverage all day closing throwing windows on Carson.

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