The time is now

He’s too small, not great recovery speed, questionable hands, durability questions, he can’t cover the elite WR. All these “negatives” towards Patriots CB, Ellis Hobbs, have been with him since college however, he’s been in the process of turning those negatives into positives.

Against the Buffalo Bills, Hobbs shut down one of the best young WR’s in the game, Lee Evans. And when I mean, shut down, I mean shut down. Evans only had two catches in the entire game. Then comes along the New York Jets, week two, Hobbs was lined up with both Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery over the course of the evening. The result was not as great as the first game with the Bills, both Jet wideouts solid outings, and each had a touchdown.


Now, we move on to the Broncos game, just a week ago.

Hobbs vs. Javon Walker.

Hobbs started out doing a good job against Walker, but then the wheels fell of, Hobbs let up a touchdown on a simple fade route where he forgot to turn his head and failed to make a play on the ball. Walker ended the game with another TD, but that wasn’t Hobbs’s fault.

So now where here. Hobbs vs. T.J Houshmanzadeh (T.J Who’s your momma). The time is now for Hobbs to make his name felt, the Patriots need him to come up huge. Hobbs’s often says that he wants to be the next great CB in this league. Well it’s his time to do that, go prove your that future star CB out there. If you don’t, we could be in for another long ride.


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