Help Wanted, WR

Wide Receivers anyone?Tom Brady hasn’t really been, well, Tom Brady so far this season. Brady has put up awful numbers in three games this year (2-1), often missing open receivers and holding on to the ball to long. So who’s he throwing the ball to? David Givens is enjoying a sub par season in Tennessee, and Deion is loving the green grass in Seattle, Reche Caldwell? Reche Caldwell. A one time third string WR in San Diego is Brady’s number one target at that spot.Scary, uh?Caldwell has never had more then 30 catches, and only has 7 catches in three games this season. Actually, the leading receiver for the Pats is the ever aging Troy Brown, whom thought about retirement two years in a row.

Who else do the Pats have at wideout? Lets check out the two wideouts who need to have a big game for the Pats on Sunday.

Doug Gabriel – He was a non factor the first 3 1/2 quarters of last Sunday’s game against the Broncos, however on the only scoring drive of the night Brady connected with Gabriel 6 times and capped it out with a touchdown. But, wait a minute. Let’s be real, Gabriel was running routes that weren’t covered until he hit the 15 yard mark.

This week, Gabriel must be a spark plug for Brady and needs to put some confidence into him.

Key : Get open early

Chad Jackson – Where he go? One game he shines for 2 catches, 40 + yards, and a touchdown. Jackson has been a semi disappointment with an hamstring injury, however he has showed that if he can stay on the field he adds another much needed weapon for Tom Brady. This week, lets hope that Jackson plays and if he does I guarantee a 4 catch, 60 yard receiving day. (That’s how special this kid can be.) 

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