Interesting Belichick Quotes

Coach Belichick was defensive about Brady in a press conference yesterday. Sounds like coach dident care to much about Brady’s body language, but I do. For a leader of a team like the Patriots, Brady should have been the leader and hold his head high the hole game. From the beginning he looked down, time to get over Branch if that’s the problem. Here is some quotes from the conference with Belichick that I found from

You think quarterback Tom Brady is playing poorly.

“I never said that,” Belichick said quickly.

The reporter replied that he wasn’t accusing Belichick of making such a statement, but he was asking the coach if he believed Brady isn’t playing well.

“I think everyone in that meeting room can do a better job. The coaches, the players, everybody. All of us. I don’t think anybody’s playing perfectly (or) as well as they can play or coach. That goes for everybody. I think there’s room for improvement,” Belichick said.

But what about Brady’s demeanor?

“I don’t really characterize anybody’s (demeanor). I just try to look at the way we play and get us to play better.”

Do you read anything into his body language?

“Not me. I just try to coach the team, try to get us to play better, try to do a better job of coaching. That’s what my focus is.”

And what about the radio shows, the pundits saying the Patriots are struggling because their quarterback is struggling?

“I missed all those shows today. Give ’em a call and talk to them about it. Do I think we can improve in every area? Yes.

“There were things in the game that were good. There were things in the game that were fairly well executed. But it wasn’t consistent. We gave up big plays on defense, we weren’t able to convert many third downs on offense, we didn’t take advantage of our scoring opportunities, we gave up a couple plays in the kicking game. There were some things that could have been better, there were other things that were pretty competitive, against a good football team.”

Asked if Jackson had tweaked the hammy before the game, leading to his not dressing, Belichick would not confirm.

“He was inactive because we felt like we had other players that were . . . that we felt we put our best 45 out there,” he said. “That’s the 45 that were active, that’s who we felt like those were for this particular game.”

If you were looking for a way to describe New England’s fourth-and-one play early in the second quarter when Brady handed off to Laurence Maroney and the Pats turned the ball over after losing a yard, the term is “out of sync.”

“It was. Yeah, it was. That’s a good way to put it,” Belichick told his questioner. “I couldn’t put it any better myself. Just poorly executed. That was poorly done, that’s all.”

The man who signs his checks may be honored and excited to play the NFL’s first game in China, but Belichick isn’t Bob Kraft . Asked for his reaction to the China Bowl, Belichick had no interest in looking nearly 10 months into the future.

“Right now, I really could care less about China or any place else. Cincinnati, that’s the only destination I’m really concerned with right now,” he said. “That stuff is so far in the future that I don’t even know if China will be there a year from now. I don’t know if I’ll be there a year from now.”


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