Patriots Lose

First loss of the season, and it was not a pretty one, even though it wasn’t a blowout. The offense just couldn’t get it going, and it also didn’t help with Dillon getting injured in the first half. Brady just couldn’t get it going, he was 31/55 which was good for 230 yards and 1 touchdown that came to late. He just couldn’t get it going, over throwing people on view attempts, but in Brady’s defense the Broncos stuck on the receivers all not.

The rushing game was also a big problem last night. Dillon rushed for 16 yards on 5 attempts, until he left the game with an arm injury. Maroney also had a bad game with only 18 yards on 12 attempts. Maybe if Dillon didn’t get injured and the running game got going we would have had a better chance.

The defense didn’t do the best, gave up some 3rd down conversation attempts. And giving up 256 yards from the air by Plummer who threw two touchdown passes. Tatum bell also a good game with 123 yards on 27 attempts, and completed some third down conversions. If we make it to playoffs sure hope we don’t have to meat the Broncos, thy got our number.

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2 Responses to Patriots Lose

  1. Lisa K. says:

    The defense has GOT to halt a few of those third down conversions!!! They gave up a bunch of them last night, some for big yardage.
    Oh, and btw, Tom…GET OVER BRANCH!!! You’re obviously sulking and it’s not very attractive or productive. There are other good receivers in the league, you just have to find them.

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