Broncos @ Patriots – 8:15 pm Sunday

New England Patriots (2-0)

The Patriots are back at the Razor for tonight’s showdown against the Denver Broncos, and the Pats still have a bad taste in their mouth’s from last years divisional playoff game. This is by far the biggest test for the Pats this season, sure the Bills have a good defense, and the Jets offense is solid but both of those teams don’t even compare to the Broncos. Denver’s defense is tough, only letting up field goals in two games this season. On offense, Jake Plummer has gotten off to a very shaky start but we have to watch the dangerous running game that consists of both Bell’s, Tatum and Mike. For us, we need to continue to do what we have done, pound Denver with the run and then shut them down on offense. My biggest concern is the passing game, Brady will have Champ and Lynch staring at him and we might not have the wideouts to get open. Lets just come out and say that Reche Caldwell will be shut down by Champ Bailey, so take him out of the picture, that then leaves us with rookie Chad Jackson, Doug Gabriel, and veteran Troy Brown. Jackson showed that he can open and he could have a huge game tonight. On the defensive side, it simple, if we stop the run we win the game.

Projected Starters :

QB – Tom Brady
RB – Corey Dillon
FB – Heath Evans
WR – Reche Caldwell
WR – Troy Brown
TE – Ben Watson / Daniel Graham
LT – Matt Light
LG – Logan Mankins
C – Daniel Koppen
RG – Stephen Neal
RT – Ryan O’Callaghan

LE – Ty Warren
DT – Vince Wilfork
RE – Richard Seymour
LOLB – Rossy Colvin
MLB – Tedy Bruschi
MLB – Junior Seau
ROLB – Mike Vrabel
LCB – Asante Samuel
RCB – Ellis Hobbs
FS – Eugene Wilson
SS – Rodney Harrison

Special Teams
K – Stephen Gostkowski
P – Josh Miller
LS – Lonnie Paxton
KR – Laurence Maroney
PR – Kevin Faulk

Players to watch :

RB Corey Dillon
RB Laurence Maroney
WR Chad Jackson
LE Ty Warren
MLB Tedy Bruschi

Denver Broncos (1-1)

The Broncos come into Gillette Stadium with a record of 1-1, beating the Chiefs and losing to the Rams. Like I said earlier the Broncos defense has only let up field goals, no touchdowns. Jake Plummer is already getting it from the Broncos fans, and it could be Jay Cutler time pretty soon. Javon Walker and Rod Smith will look to stretch the Pats secondary and if they can do that, watch for the running game of Tatum Bell and Mike Bell to do very well. Again, like I said, if we stop these two running backs we will win this game. The defense for the Broncos will look to be on their toes, not knowing if the Pats will run it or pass it. If the Broncos can shut down our running game, we could be in trouble, it’s going to be a tale of the running games, or ever has the best one wins.

Players to watch :

RB Tatum Bell
RB Mike Bell
WR Rod Smith
LB Al Wilson
CB Champ Bailey

Prediction :



4 Responses to Broncos @ Patriots – 8:15 pm Sunday

  1. Joe mcginniss says:

    What the heck is that gray cartoon image with yellow flames coming out of it painted on the damn field? Thanks

  2. Michael says:

    I am not sure actialy, good question.

  3. Knute says:

    It’s supposed to be the Lighthouse, which is the symbol of Gillette Stadium.

  4. Michael says:

    I realized that around halftime

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