Patriots Going To China

Looks like the Patriots will be making the history book at next years preseason. The Patriots will be the first NFL team to play a football game in China. And their opponent will be the Seattle Seahawks, on Aug. 8, 2007. But that’s not all, the Patriots will also be entered in the history book a second time next preseason as they will be the first team to play back to back games against the same team, as they will play the Seahawks once again.

My thoughts on this are not  very happy ones. It will be a distraction to the team during next preseason and work outs. It will cause less practice, as it will be almost two weeks away from New England. And also it will be more energy draining for the players as they have to deal with more media attention, which may hurt them for the season games. And I am sure that coach Belichick is not to thrilled about this either, as we all know how much Belichick hates any distractions.

Plus does anybody else think its weird how they are sending the Patriots to China? Is it because we were and still are the team of the century. Or is it a patriotic symbol sending us because of the red, white and blue and the symbolism of the name, I only wonder. Even though this could be a distraction to the players, it may help the organization as it will popularize the Patriots in other countries which means more product sale and ect.


2 Responses to Patriots Going To China

  1. poofer says:

    it won’t be a distraction. Besides, it’s only preseason…sounds like fun

  2. Knute says:

    I think it’s sad, for the Pats, for Kraft and for the NFL. I guess the NFL figures they can make a buck, and that’s all that matters. They’ll be joining Google, Yahoo, MS…. as more companies who value the dollar over human rights.

    This really sickens me, I suppose they’ll be playing in Tehran in 2009?

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