Denver Writer Smash Talks

Looks like we have a little smash talking going on from Mark Kiszla a writer. He mentioned that the Broncos will own Brady in this weekends game, and the our Patriots will not be able to put the Pieces back together.

“But, in the eyes of the Broncos, Brady is just another Tom, Dick or Harry. Who’s afraid of the most successful QB in pro football? Not Denver.”

“Mr. Perfect does not scare the Broncos. They own him.”

“The Broncos want to do more than wipe the perfect smile off his handsome face. They intend to shut out Brady. Orange crush him.”

Even though the Broncos beat us four out of the last meetings, I don’t think Broncos fans have any room to talk until they win the superbowl. To Mark Kiszla, you have to be the worst columnist writer ever from a Patriots fan viewpoint. And I hope even more now that Brady lights up the field on you guys.

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