Big Week In Front Us

Exciting week for patriots fans, with a one of the hardest and most important games of the season on Sunday. Over the course of this week I will probably give an insight on the pasts of a couple Patriots Rookies, such as Maroney and Jackson. I’ll dig up some stuff on their high school days, what they were best known for back then, wear their from and some others positions they can play. So Patriots fans know more about the players, and more of their capabilities.

Towards the end of the week, I will start writing about what the Pats need to excel in on Sunday and some game plain adjustments they need to work on against the Broncos. The receivers to learn their roll and Brady has to fine tune his throws. And the defense has to play all game like they did first half of the Jets game

I will also try to find a Broncos expert to give us some insight on what the Patriots should look out for against the Broncos. It’s always good to know what to except and anticipate to happen against the opposing teams. We all know that the Broncos big men are some of the dirtiest players.


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