Was Smith Being Used?

I found this hole Pats using Jonathan Smith for information a little amusing. I first read it a few days ago on Circling The Wagons ( A Buffalo Bills blog), and also written about in the Globe I believe, but I never got around to mentioning it here on the blog.

This is what Dan Goldman, the writer for Circling The Wagon wrote on his blog, his article summed it up pretty good.

“The New England Patriots snatched up Jonathan Smith soon after he was cut by the Buffalo Bills. Well now it appears they didn’t want his football skills, but just his knowledge of the the Bills offense, defense and even special teams.

According to Chris Brown, the Pats assigned Bam Childress to their practice squad to make room for Smith, only to cut Smith Saturday and move Childress back into the active roster. The move is similar in the 2003 opener in which the Bills signed Patriots cut Lawyer Milloy and helped the Bills pick apart New England. Only this time, Smith won’t play a down.

Bill Belichek is a master of finding weaknesses in team’s and now he has an advantage that the Bills don’t, especially since there is no game tape of the Patriots this year due to this being week one.”


2 Responses to Was Smith Being Used?

  1. poofer says:

    meh, that’s all crap.

    It was basically just a tryout to see if he or childress was the better WR.

  2. poofer says:

    smith is back by the way, childress was cut again

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