Branch Has Been Traded!!!

Well, it’s finally time to say goodbye to Branch, according to Branch has been traded to the Seahawks. I know many are not surprised about the trade, but I know a lot of people are surprised that it happened this soon.

Wide receiver Deion Branch has been traded to the Seattle Seahawks, reportedly for a 2007 first round pick. It is believed the contract Branch will sign with the Seahawks is a 6-year deal averaging around 6.5 million per year.

The transaction ends Branch’s 2006 holdout with the New England Patriots that began during the mandatory off-season team events and continued through Sunday’s season opener against the Buffalo Bills.

Mr. Branch did not get his eight to nine million dollar a year contract, they he wanted. But this will probably be good for him as the Pats probably wouldn’t of even gave him 6.5 million next year. As for me I am happy to say goodbye to this guy who let the franchise and his fans down because of greed.


2 Responses to Branch Has Been Traded!!!

  1. Knute says:

    This may just work out fine. Looking at the Pats schedule, I think they’re in good shape. I expect Chad Jackson to make an impact at some point, and I think he’ll be even better than Branch in a couple of years.

    Look what we did with our picks this year, Maroney was the steal of the draft, and Jackson should produce. Two first rounders in Belichik’s hands are nice, but it also opens up the possibility of trading up in the draft.

    The Maroney-Dillon combo looks great, and watching Tiki-Jacobs shred the Colts D last night (6.6 yards per carry), I’m not so worried about the Colts anymore. Denver has some issues, too, I like our chances at home against both teams. The schedule is awesome this year, all the tough games are at home, Cincy and Jax being the exception, but Jax is late in the year when they tend to fade. Then Tenn right before the playoff bye week – perfect!

  2. Michael says:

    Couldent agree more.

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