Patriots – 19 / Bills – 17

Can we open our eyes now? It wasn’t a pretty game but the Patriots did indeed pull it out and beat the Buffalo Bills 19-17. The game didn’t start out to well, with Brady fumbling the first play of the game and then Bills LB London Fletcher returning it for a touchdown. But, Brady came back and led the Patriots to a touchdown drive, connecting with veteran WR Troy Brown. The Bills then put up 10 straight points and the score was 17-7 at halftime. The Patriots wouldn’t let this underdog beat them, they ended the game scoring 12 points and that’s how they won. I personally thought that we’d win rather easy but I guess I underestimated this Bills defense that confused Brady early on. On the Bills, they have a nice little future going with Evans, Losman, and McGahee. McGahee looked pretty solid, while Losman looked great in half number one. I’ll be rooting for the Bills next week against the Dolphins.

Who did good?
K Stephen Gostkowski – The rookie kicker didn’t get phased while he hit a 32 yard field goal.

LB Junior Seau – Made plays all day, and really helped that defense

LG Logan Mankins – He was one of the linemen who actually blocked

RB Laurence Maroney – Wow, what a game for the rookie

RB Corey Dillon – He did what’s he supposed to do, kill the clock and be productive

Who didn’t do so well?
QB Tom Brady – Looked slightly off today

LT Matt Light – His guy beat him a few times

TE Daniel Graham – Dropped a touchdown pass

Division Standings:
1. New England Patriots  (1-0) W Buffalo Bills
New York Jets (1-0) W Tennessee Titans
Miami Dolphins
(0-1) L Pittsburgh Steelers
Buffalo Bills
(0-1) L New England Patriots

Player of the game (Pictured above) – Laurence Maroney RB : 17 carries / 86 yards / 5.0 yards per carry

5 Responses to Patriots – 19 / Bills – 17

  1. Dan Goldman says:

    Definitely a good game. Maroney and Dillon should be fun for you to watch this year.

  2. David Della Bitta says:

    Man, that was a close one. We can’t tell if we’ll miss Branch or not if Brady can’t hit his receivers anywya — Offensive line allowed too many batted balls. Tackles didn’t step up with blocks in the first half, either.

    But Maroney looked stellar! Can’t wait to see more of him.

  3. Michael says:

    Yeah, this Dillion-Maroney combo may be interesting this season.

  4. Knute says:

    The slow start was puzzling, I can’t imagine they took Buffalo that lightly. Nice to see Colvin step in up get the fans going, it seemed like last year when Bruschi and Harrison were out no one else was showing any emotion.

    A big plus, the Pats had 1 penalty for 5 yards. I think they were focused, maybe too much at first. I think they were wound too tight and that opening fumble caught them off guard.

    On the minus side, The Bills D lost a step when Spikes and Vincent left the game.

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