As the receivers turn

It’s been a year of change for the Patriots WR’s, there is only one Patriot WR from last season who’ll be on the field this year (Troy Brown). Lets explore the roller coaster ride this WR corp has been through in a year.

# 1 – Deion Branch
# 2 – David Givens
# 3 – Andre Davis
# 4 – Troy Brown
# 5 – Tim Dwight

Both Branch and Givens had huge years for the Pats last season, which is Givens landed in Tennessee for a huge contract, and Branch wants the same. Andre Davis was a bit of a disappointment, having under 10 catches last season. Tim Dwight was mostly our PR, in which he did a good job with that. And finally Troy Brown played everything again last year, and still caught some passes.

# 1 – Reche Caldwell
# 2 – Doug Gabriel
# 3 – Troy Brown
# 4 – Chad Jackson
# 5 – Jonathan Smith

Well, that’s kind of a little off from what our WR corp looked like in 2005. Deion Branch as we all know is holding out, so lets not even talk about him. Reche Caldwell has been the # 1 WR in training camp and he displayed good speed but his hands were questionable at best. On any other team in this league Caldwell would be a # 3 WR, but with this team he’s our # 1. Doug Gabriel on the other hand is a huge sleeper, he’s an up and coming WR in this league. Gabriel just beat out Jerry Porter for the # 2 WR spot in Oakland but then got shipped here, New England. Doug is big, 6-2 weighing in a 215 and also has good speed. His hands are a huge step up over any WR we have, Brady will love this kid. Troy Brown thought he’d be retired right now but he’s obviously not, and he’s the 3rd WR for this team. Brown won’t have to do much, just be Troy Brown, catch one pass from time to time. Everybody knows that rookie WR Chad Jackson has been lost over the last couple of months but if he can get on the field he’ll be a huge part of this offense. Look for him to sneak to the third WR if he does well. Jonathan Smith replaced Tim Dwight’s spot, and Smith should have a season like Dwight did last season.

Where are they now?
Deion Branch – Holding out for more money
David Givens – Signed to Tennessee in the offseason
Andre Davis – Signed to Buffalo in the offseason
Tim Dwight – Signed to New York (Jets) in the offseason

2 Responses to As the receivers turn

  1. Greg says:

    Troy Borwn was our no. 3 last year, not Andre Davis. Doug Gabriel isn’t ahead of Troy yet. AND JONATHAN SMITH HAS NOWHERE NEAR TIM DWIGHT’S CAPABILITIES. The guy won’t be on the team come the end of the season (practice squad) and Bam Childress is going to step up over him. There’s no chance Smith has as good of a season as Dwight did.

  2. Greg says:

    But, Gabriel is gonna be great, just he’s not ahead of Brown or Jackson yet on the depth chart. He will be though! And I think Troy has the ability to make another 40 grab season, easily (not as much if Deion comes back)

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