Recently Released Players

 Players that have been released:Eric Warfield CB, Monty Beisel LB, Corey Bramlet QB, Chad Brown LB, Eddie Freeman DL, Chris Luzar TE, Jeremy Mincy LB,John Stone WR, Eric Warfield CB… and mention that we trade Patrick Cobbs RB, to the Steelers for an undisclosed draft picks, and Mincey will be on the practice squad.


3 Responses to Recently Released Players

  1. patsrock says:

    why did we trade Patrick Cobbs he was doing pretty well.

  2. poofer says:

    because of how well our O-Line was playing. Cobb looked good but he basically just went through the massive holes they opened for him. Getting a pick for him is great considering he was an undrafted player.

  3. acaamano says:

    I thought that one of the “biggest” (and I know I should use the word lightly) free agent acquisitions this offseason was Eric Warfield. I envisioned him either starting, or at worst as the third corner on the team. The team kept 6 CBs/DBs: Wille Andrews, Randall Gay, Artrell Hawkins, Ellis Hobbs, Asante Samuel and Chad Scott.
    While I think that Samuel and Hobbs show promise most of the time, I could have seen Warfield passing one of them. Of the other four: Andrews, Gay, Hawkins and Scott, none of them I envision as solid a player as Warfield.
    So in the end, what happened to Warfield to the point that he didn’t even make the squad?

    It’s almost to the point where Eric Alexander and Pierre Woods made the team, but Chad Brown and Monty Biesel got axed. In those cases, I figured the cagey vets would win out, but I guess both Brown and Biesel virtually have nothing let in the tank to lose out to Alexander and Woods.

    Keeping on the tack of being bad enough, I figured John Stone would beat out someone as shaky as Kelvin Kight, but I guess I was wrong on that as well.

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