Finale Pre-Season Game

Finale pre-season game will be kicking off today at 7:30 EST against the Giants.

The Giants will look to play their rookies and backups extensively, as Couch Coughlin still needs to put the finishing touches on his special teams unit.

List of injured Giant players WR Sinorice Moss (will he ever play?), C Shaun O’hara (knee), LT Luke Petitgout (back) G Rich Seubert (toe) and RB Derrick Ward (broken foot).

Even though the starters will hardly play tonight, the Giants are a clear favorite in tonight finale pre-season game. It will be interesting though to see how Manning does for a few serious against the Patriots Defense.


5 Responses to Finale Pre-Season Game

  1. Dan says:

    The Giants are 3.5 point favorites. And this shouldn’t be shocking to anyone. Oddsmakers expect to see only or mostly backups and hopefuls, but the Giants have the home field advtange.

    Remember, the Giant and Pats played the last preseason game at the Meadowlands in 2005 too. Final score NYG 27 – NYE 3.

  2. Michael says:

    Thank you, I just fixed that…. Not much time to research todays game with the hurricane heading my way. Once again thank you.

  3. poofer says:

    told ya gostkowski could kick farther than 46 😉

  4. GMEABRK says:

    Gostkowski can kick farther than 54

  5. Michael says:

    I have been very impressed with the kicking of Gostkowdki these pre-season games.

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