Branch Speaks Out

The quiet Branch finally speaks out about his holdout, to Boston Television station CBS-4 while Branch was attending an AND1 hoop tour event. It’s about time he talks.

“I’m pretty sure everything’s going to work out I’m human. I have my days and ups and downs. I realize it’s business and what they’re doing is business,”

Branch will be fined $14,000 for each day he misses camp. I would love to see Branch get back on the football field in a Pat’s uniform soon as possible. But also he is asking way to much money.

I lost much respect in Branch this off-season as did many Patriots fans. He makes more money then most people can dream about, and he is complaining he wants more. And Honestly I don’t believe he is worth his asking price. This is spost to be a game he loves to play, if I had a chance to be able to talk to Branch I would tell him to get over his self and finish out his rookie contract.

2 Responses to Branch Speaks Out

  1. poofer says:

    the nfl seriously needs to have set rookie contracts like the NBA has.

  2. eddiehardcore says:

    Mr. Branch is quoted as saying “I’m human”. Try working a day on the assembly line or maybe in a fishing boat or maybe working construction. Guys with these jobs know the value of a buck. Sign a contract and start your work with the team. Go to work while you can.

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