Arizona @ New England – 8:00 pm

New England Patriots (0-1)

 As of right now the talk in Boston as been about 37 year old LB Junior Seau. However, the Patriots do have a game to play. Matt Cassel will hope to bounce back from a rough game last week against the Atlanta Falcons, in which he even said he had some butterflies being the first game and all. Also look out for rookie RB Laurence Maroney who rushed for 66 yards on 9 carries last week, to have a big game, I just hope the hype that everyone has for this kid doesn’t get to him and he continues to be alright on the field. Don’t expect to see WR’s; Deion Branch, Chad Jackson, Troy Brown, and John Stone. All of whom are either hurt, or simply won’t play due to injury. Although preseason means nothing, records wise, it would be good to get a win when you can get one, just so you can boost the team’s morale.

 On the defensive side of the ball, the Pats would like to get better play upfront from the big boys. Players like; Jonathan Sullivan, Le Kevin Smith, Mike Wright, Santonio Thomas and Dan Klecko, all need to perform better this week. The LB’s need to perform better also, getting ran over by the Falcons running game last week. Mainly, T.J Duckett. Hopefully the Pats are a little sharper this week and put on a good performance.

Three Keys for the Patriots
1. Pressure the QB’s ; Warner, Leinart, Navarre
2. Pound the ball with the 1-2 punch; Dillon and Maroney
3. Establish a passing game, don’t be one dimensional

Three Guys to look out for
1. Laurence Maroney, running back
2. Ellis Hobbs, cornerback
3. Brandon “Bam” Childress, wide receiver

Arizona Cardinals (1-0)

The Cardinals will look to go 2-0 in the preseason and show everybody out there that this is going to be a good team in the future. Matt Leinart signed earlier this week and will play in the second quarter of this game, funny enough, he’ll be playing against his backup at the USC Matt Cassel. J.J Arrington will look to say he’s not a bust and will probably get a good amount of carries in this game, last year if you remember Arrington was awful averaging well under 3.5 yards a carry. The Cards will take out their WR weapons with Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, up and coming LeRon McCoy, and Bryant Johnson. To go with them, rookie Leonard Pope will look to make a impact. This offense could be deadly in this league. It might be a long day for the Pats defensive backs.

Antrel Rolle will look to redeem himself from an injury filled rookie season. As for the LB’s, led by Karlos Dansby and Darryl Blackstock, they are very dangerous. This team looks very solid for the future, just give them a couple of years to develop.

Three Keys for the Cardinals
1. Stop the running game of the Patriots
2. Go at those young CB’s; Hobbs, Samuel, Gay, and Andrews
3. Beat Brandon Gorin, rush multiple guys at him

Three guys to look out for
1. Matt Leinart, quarterback
2. LeRon McCoy, wide receiver
3. Antrel Rolle, cornerback

Prediction : 27 – 17 Cardinals


4 Responses to Arizona @ New England – 8:00 pm

  1. Andy Benoit says:

    Nice analysis, I think you’re right on about the importance of stopping the run for the Cardinals. Maroney is on his way to being a superstar and it will be a good test for Arizona to establish control of the game by making New England one-dimensional. (That’s also the best way to attack Brandon Gorin, or any other lineman for that matter).

  2. Michael says:

    Yep agreed, Andy did your new book come out yet?

  3. poofer says:

    Can’t wait for this game, Leinart should be interesting…

  4. Dan says:

    Gorin has not played well and has been relegated to backup status for the last week or so. Unfortunately the other RT, Wesley Britt didn’t look much better last night. The starting job is probably O’Callaghan’s to lose. Ryan is the only one of the three that didn’t give up hits on Brady against the Cardinals and he did a nice job on a couple of Maroney’s runs.

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