Patriots Interested in Seau

Junior Seau a recently retired linebacker may be signing with the Patriots. Seau reported from the Union-Tribune was in Foxboro last night for a physical. Junior Seau 6’3 and 248 pound linebacker who played fourteen seasons with the Chargers and three with the Dolphins. Last season he only played seven games and the year before he played eight.

Coach Bill Belichick had to say

“I had the opportunity to coach him in Hawaii, in the ’98 Pro Bowl, when Bill Parcells didn’t make the trip out there because he got that note from the doctor about his heart or something, Seau’s always been a very energetic, high-energy type of player that has made a lot of big plays through his career. Of course we saw a little bit more of him the last couple of years while he was with the Dolphins.”

This could be a good signing or a bust signing. The big factor is if Seau stays healthy, if so he would allow Mike Vrabel to stay at outside linebacker rather then move to inside, which he had to play last year with Beisel out and Bruschi missed the first six games recovering from his stroke.

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