Brady looks sharp

The Patriots had practice from 4:30 to 6:30 today and from what I’m hearing and reading, Tom Brady looked the best he’s looked all summer. Mike Reiss ( has notes from practice, I also had a friend down in training camp so I’ll incorporate both of their notes for you.– Like I mentioned, Tom Brady looked extremely sharp, hitting Ben Watson and Reche Caldwell multiple times.

– The WR’s looked halfway decent, we’d still like to see either Deion or Chad out there.

– There were some bonehead moves, penalties.

– Rookie Ryan O’Callaghan still looks impressive while working with the first line on offense. Remember, coming into the draft from California, O’Callaghan could have been a second round pick if he didn’t have the label; Injury prone, next to his name.

– Both kickers, Martin Gramatica and rookie Stephen Gostkowski both hit four field goals at the end of practice. The buzz about these kickers is, if Gramatica wins the battle the Patriots could place Gostkowski on the practice squad. I have a feeling Gostkowski will be our kicker come the regular season.

– In the 3 – 4 defense the LB’s were the same players as yesterdays practice (read Another week in Foxborough)Still no Chad Jackson, Bill Belichick did say that he’s coming along.


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  1. knute says:

    Off-topic, but nice site. Can’t wait for the season.

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