Branch wants a big tree

 According to NFL Live (on espn), New England Patriots  number one WR Deion Branch now is looking for 8 to 9 million dollars a year.  If that is the case, Deion will enjoy a long vacation and will have to start looking for houses elsewhere in the United States. There is no way that the Patriots, who didn’t want to give him 6 million a year, will even consider giving him 8 million.This is the downfall in the NFL, a player who is unknown makes something of his name, like Branch in the superbowl and then they get greedy and think their worth everything.

 During this holdout I lost all my respect for Branch and I want him to leave this team. And if Brady wants him so bad maybe he should split his salary with the Patriots and pay him. We all know that’s not happening. If you didn’t know a player who holds out can only do so up to week 10 of the season. Don’t ask me why.My advice to the important players, and people in this holdout;

Deion Branch – Come back down to earth.
Tom Brady – Get to know Reche Caldwell and Chad Jackson very well.
Patriots front office – Keep it up, don’t give in.

5 Responses to Branch wants a big tree

  1. charles wing says:

    This is so true! these guys are playing a game but now its all abought money.this guya getting this that guys getting that .theres no team dedication any more . Its all abought the money

  2. Charles wing says:

    This is so true! these guys are playing a game but now its all about money. This guys getting this that guys getting that .there’s no team dedication or just respect the game any more . Its all about the money!!

  3. eddiehardcore says:

    Mr. Branch

    Be realistic. Yes, it’s the sports business, but you don’t hold all of the cards.
    What is up with wide receivers? Detroit had issues with some of its wr “stars” last year and of course almost everyone is sick of the T.O. whining. You don’t get better when you hold out longer. You may be worse from missing workouts with the TEAM.

    You can and will be replaced if you don’t wake up and smell the clam chowder.

  4. Thom Yorke says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Branch has no right to hold out and I too have lost respect for him – so much for the team concept. The reason why he will only hold out until week 10 is because if he doesn’t this year would not count as a year played and he would still be in the last year of this contract next year.

  5. Knute says:

    Why is it always a wide receiver casuing trouble? For every Jerry Rice or Marvin Harrison, there has to be a T.O., a Keyshawn. Branch needs to wise up, why does he want to emulate Owens, Galloway, or Keyshawn? Is he going to start doing assinine end zone “dances”, too (if he plays). If the Vikings got rid of Moss and the eagles got rid of T.O. what makes Branch think the Pats won’t let him loose? Wish we had kept Givens.

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