Where is Mr. Jackson?

That’s one word to describe this summer for rookie WR Chad Jackson. Everyday the media and hundreds of fans look onto the practice field at Gillette Stadium during a practice and instantly get disappointed. See, I’m a huge Chad Jackson fan so when I go to these training camp practices (I’ve been to 5) I want to see one of my favorite players. But, I’m always disappointed, I look out towards where the WR’s stand before practice and I see the same numbers I always see; 87, 80, 1, 2, 5, 19, and 81. So where is 17?

Jackson “tweaked” his hamstring a week before training camp began, so roughly July 20th, and since then Jackson has only appeared in two practices, one day, that day was on a Tuesday where there was a special season ticket holder practice, which I went to. In that practice Jackson looked very rusty, dropping a few easy catches and looking lost on different routes. Well I thought that atleast Jackson would be out there practicing now so he’ll obviously get better, well I was wrong. Since that practice a couple of weeks ago Jackson hasn’t been back on the field (including today’s morning practice) and it is to be said it’s that hamstring again.

So what’s next for the rookie everybody was drooling over in mini camp? Who knows, I’m not one to speculate but I will make a bold decision and say Jackson does practice this week and if I’m wrong he better make it quick because as of right now our depth chart at WR looks like this;

1. Reche Caldwell – Dropped a Brady touchdown, that must’ve made Brady feel good.
2. Troy Brown – He’s not getting any young. 34.
3. Kelvin Kight – Who?
4. Brandon Childress – Good hardworker, questionable hands.
5. Eddie Berlin – Was signed 4 days ago.
6. Erik Davis – Good at Wakeforest, route running is rough.
7. Keron Henry – Great blocker, that’s it.


2 Responses to Where is Mr. Jackson?

  1. Patsdawg says:

    I totaly agree with everything you said.

  2. Thom Yorke says:

    Time is definitely running out on Chad. If he doesn’t get back to practice SOON, Belichick won’t let him play in the regular season. He needs to put in his time learning during camp and pre-season games because they won’t let him make mistakes when it counts. If he’s not back by next Monday watch for him on the PUP.

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