Harrison back in action

Today marked the first day back for the Patriots after getting the weekend off, and to our surprise Patriots captain Rodney Harrison was in attendance, it was a great thing to see if your a football fan. After tearing a bunch of ligaments in his leg, many people thought one of two things. One, Harrison would never play again, or two if he played again it’d be a couple of years. Well he proved those people wrong and took part in some of the drills with the team today. While we don’t know if he’ll be ready to start game one, we are just glad he’s out there having fun with the guys and practicing.

Meanwhile, other then Harrison, five other players got taken off the P.U.P list and practice for the first time today (one player was his second practice) . This list included; Daniel Graham, Daniel Koppen, Jonathan Sullivan, Richard Seymour, and Randall Gay.

Notes – Rookie WR Matt Shelton was placed on Injured Reserve, meaning his season is over. Don’t look for the Pats to carry Shelton through the season, he’ll probably be cut very soon.


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