Training camp review – first week

Here is my view of how the first week of Pats training camp went.

Most intense battle – Kickers

Who has the edge? – Stephen Gostkowski

Most impressive KR/PR – Willie Andrews


Most impressive player on offense – Tom Brady

Least impressive player on offense – Keron Henry

Biggest surprise on offense – Play of Patrick Cobbs (good)

Most impressive newcomer on offense – Reche Caldwell

Least impressive newcomer on offense – N/A


Most impressive player on defense – Rossy Colvin

Least impressive player on defense – Freddy Roach

Biggest surprise on defense – Play of Eugene Wilson at CB (good)

Most impressive newcomer on defense – Bobby Gardner

Least impressive newcome on defense – Eric Warfield


Where am I? – Chad Jackson, Daniel Graham, Deion Branch, Daniel Koppen, Randall Gay, Nick Kazcur, Matt Shelton, Rodney Harrison.

Who needs to step up? – Ellis Hobbs


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