Thursday afternoon notes

 I went to camp yesterday (and Tuesday), and It was very interesting. First off, nobody was really there due to the heat (100 + degrees). Then the RB’s, TE’s, and LB’s did minor hitting drills, like a pass blitz pickup. Maroney looked very solid, in one play Maroney blocked Bobby Gardner to the ground. Mike Vrabel did a good job beating Patrick Cobbs and Ben Watson. Meanwhile down the other side of the field the WR’s were going 1 on 1 with the DB’s, while I only glanced over a couple of time I noticed Reche Caldwell beating Ellis Hobbs, and Eugene Wilson looked good in coverage. Then the team broke down in red-zone offense, which was pretty cool.

 Maroney got a couple of touches and didn’t really get touched. Watson dropped two, while Brown and Caldwell continued to impress. The Pats did end up scoring when Brady drilled Watson in the end-zone. The players did seem more loud, duriung one play Rossy Colvin broke through the line and got to Brady and then yelled out, “Whoa, Happy Birthday!!!, I got ya.” The Patriots shut down early at 4:00 pm but then I managed to reach over some young kids and got Maroney’s autograph and then he made a comment to me, “Wow man, your big. Where you play at?”, I then replied, “UMass.” And he said “Wow, that’s cool.” Then I went up to Willie Andrews and got his autograph, and he’s a nice guy, and then I paid a visit to Stephen Gostkowski.

 A couple of little side notes; Lonnie Paxton was snapping 30 yards through the uprights, Chad Jackson still didn’t practice, Seymour didn’t show up (but did in the morning), Dillon wasn’t there, Mills was absent, didn’t see Sullivan.

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