Training camp – Day 1/Afternoon notes

I went in the afternoon and saw these things.

The Good
Rich Musinski / WR- I have no idea why said he looked bad, he caught almost every pass and ran nice routes.

John Stone / WR – Again said he didn’t look good but I really didn’t see it, Stone dropped a couple ya but he also made some nice grabs.

Matt Cassel / QB – Looked great throwing the ball, it looks like he came a very long way.

Matt Shelton / WR – Showed decent speed, quick feet, and good hands.

Willie Andrews / CB – Shut down Brown and Caldwell a couple of times.

Patrick Cobbs / RB – Showed good hands out of backfield

Reche Caldwell / WR – Dropped a couple but did 10 push ups everytime and got a nice applause from the crowd.

Corey Dillon / RB – Made a nice one handed catch, and looked actually faster then I would have imagined him.

The Bad

Michael McGrew / WR – Dropped a couple, then left because of an injury.

Erik Davis / WR – Struggled on pass routes, but showed ok hands.

Ellis Hobbs / CB – Couldn’t cover Keron Henry, Rich Musinski, or Troy Brown.

Keron Henry / WR – Big guy, no hands or speed.

Corey Bramlet / QB – Missed a lot of open WR’s.

The Decent
Troy Brown / WR – Dropped 4 on the day, but other than that looked solid.

Todd Mortenson / QB – Very strong arm, hit Davis a couple of times.

Tom Brady / QB – Was a little off, but still looked pretty doing it.

Eugene Wilson / S – Decent coverage

Laurence Maroney / RB – Dropped a couple of balls, but looked big and quick.

David Thomas / TE – Dropped one, but caught a lot.

Hank Poteat / CB – Actually looked solid.


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