5 players on P.U.P

According to Patriots.com, the Patriots have put 5 players on the P.U.P list, Physilcally Unable to Perform. This means that these players aren’t able to take part in training camp. The list is below.

Rodney Harrison

Patrick Pass

Nick Kaczur

Dan Koppen

Randall Gay

I’m very scared that Koppen will not be able to go this season and we’ll need Russ Hochstein to start.

2 Responses to 5 players on P.U.P

  1. cgot says:

    Hopefully that won’t happen….

    *Link Removed*

  2. Koppen and Kaczur really bother me because they are starters on the OL. That OL obviously needs to gel to give Brady proper protection and open some holes in the running game.

    Not surprised to see Harrison there. I hate to say we need Randall Gay but we do. He has experience but he needs as many reps as possible so he can try and avoid getting burned.

    I’ll have to go and check to see who has what injury.

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