Branch + Holdout = Fines

Ron Borges of the Globe had a good, interesting mini article on Patriots holdout Deion Branch. I’ll just tell you what I got from it. Everyday Branch holds out and misses training camp the Patriots can give him a fine of $14,000. That adds up over time, so if I was Branch I’d hurry up to get something done. Also Borges writes that Branch’s agent Jason Chayut states that the Patriots forced Branch into signing a 5 year to his rookie deal. So here in numbers is Branch’s situation this off-season.

Patriots offer – 4 years / 5.6 million a year to Branch

Branch says no thanks, wanting 7 million a year. BAM, and now we are right here talking about it, still no contract still no Branch. Hopefully Chad Jackson develops even quicker then he already is.


3 Responses to Branch + Holdout = Fines

  1. If money is the incentive for Branch’s holdout, then money will be the incentive to get back to camp. Fines usually motivate players unless they are extremely arrogant (Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, etc.). Adding another 9 grand to the fine might make Branch sign quicker. The Pats have a limit that they are going to pay players and they will sit on their offer and make Branch move first. I think he will be signed soom, it hurts both sides if he holds out for a while. I won’t be drafting him in Fantasy this year.

  2. Michael says:

    True, we can not affored to lose Brach right now though. They have to work out something soon.

  3. eddiehardcore says:

    I feel no sympathy for Mr. Branch. You made a deal as a rookie and the Pats don’t even have to give you an extension now. When the dollars roll in it’s not about a player making car or mortgage payments like the average fan. It’s about ego and comparison with others.

    Since teams started giving extensions, now players feel they are entitled to them. $14,000 a day may not be enough of an immediate hurt on Branch’s billfold. We’ll see. Mr. Branch, if you think you are being mistreated, try spending some time with Katrina victims who are still trying to put together their lives without your millions bucks a year.

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