Enough About Vinatieri

Charean Williams a staff writer for Star-Telegram evaluated and ranked the teams in his latest article which the Patriots were ranked 5th overall.

Here is what he had to say about the Pats

“During his 10-year career with the Patriots, kicker Adam Vinatieri made 19 game-winning field goals. Four came in the postseason, including two in Super Bowls. But New England couldn’t afford to keep Vinatieri, who signed with the Colts. The Patriots, who signed veteran Martin Gramatica and drafted Memphis’ Stephen Gostkowski, might miss Vinatieri more than they realize. Other than Vinatieri, the Patriots also lost outside linebacker Willie McGinest and wide receiver David Givens. Tom Brady threw for a league-high 4,110 yards last season and will get help in the running game this season from first-round draft pick Laurence Maroney.”

I don’t know about any of you, but I am tired of hearing about Vinatiere. Yes, he was a great kicker and may well still be. But the salary he was asking for at his age I would of let him go to. I also believe that people are underestimating the potential that Gostkowski has.

Williams ranked us 5th overall which is probably “over-rating” as we have lost some good players, but we added a few good ones but doubt to see their full potential for a few years. I would put the Patriots around the 9th best overall team as of now.

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