Any more rookies?

Today 32 teams will be next to their phones getting ready for a phone call that’ll probably say something like this, “Hey, you guys can pick for the Supplementary draft. The player already taken have been Ahmad Brooks. Would you like to pick or pass?” Then the Pats or any other team (who didn’t get Brooks) would say, “We would like to pass our pick.”

Lets remember the Supplementary draft is nothing to get all excited for, the last player the Pats got in this draft was special teamer JeRod Cherry. The only player in this draft who’s worth giving up a second round pick for is Virginia LB Ahmad Brooks, however the Pats have seemed not to have shown any interest in him, maybe it is a smockscreen, maybe they do want him. Who knows? We’ll see in a couple of hours.


One Response to Any more rookies?

  1. Hey man.

    Check out the PI blog on myspace…

    it sheds a little light on the Brooks thing. The Pat actually were interested in Brooks — to a degree. They spent a bit of time meeting with and/or talking to the various coaches at Virginia to get a handle on the kid. After digging through the pile of information, and through Belichick’s conversations with Groh, the price required to draft the kid was too high.

    The Bengals picked up the kid in the third because their other LB Odell Thurman is getting suspended for 4 games.

    They HAD to make a move.

    Just our $0.02

    Keep blogging… you guys are doing a nice job.

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