Only Ranked Second?

Apparently are quarterback status is ranked second out of all 32 teams according to Aaron Schatz of Fox Sports. I have been reading Schatz work for a while now and always found it insightful and entertaining, but I happen to disagree with him on this one.

There is no logical way that Payton Manning is ranked before Tom Brady (even though the Colts have better depth) Brady proved that he can win a superbowl, while Manning is a hell of a quarterback but he hasn’t proved anything major to me yet. I also found it strange that the Pats are only worthy of two sentences after all they achieved.


2 Responses to Only Ranked Second?

  1. poofer says:

    espn ranked us first

  2. Michael says:

    I seen, its sad and also wierd that Schatz did not make us first. Manning is great and all but what has he proved? He had a winning team last year, but their is no rings on his finger.

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