Training Camp preview – LT

Now with the skill positions in the books (QB, RB, FB, WR, TE) we’ll start to take a look at the big boys, the offensive lineman.

Matt Light – This year should be very interesting for Matt Light, he’ll be coming off a season ending and will look to show a lot of people that it hasn’t slowed him down. Before his injury Light was the best lineman we had on our roster, when he went down it took us a couple of weeks to just find his replacement (Nick Kaczur). At 28 years old, the former second round pick from the University of Purdue looks to get back to full strength and be the force he was over the last 3 years.

Nick Kaczur – He filled in nicely for the injured Matt Light last season, and showed flashes and downfalls. We have to remember Kaczur was a rookie last season, even though he’s already 27 years old, so he was allowed to give up some rookie mistakes. This year his role will be slightly different, instead of starting at LT he’ll be the backup to Light. I like Kaczur as our backup, because if anything happens to Light again I wouldn’t mind a guy like Kaczur in the hole. The huge buzz kill with this guy is his age, like I said he’s already 27 years old, so does he have a future? Not really, with Light at 28, Kaczur will probably be a backup for a good amount of his career.

Nick Steitz – I personally don’t know much about this guy, and I would think not the Pat fans would. With that being said I really doubt he goes anywhere with this team.


One Response to Training Camp preview – LT

  1. Michael says:

    I feel like we are pretty well set.

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