Jim Miller Talks

Sirius radio’s NFL channel co-host Jim Miller a former Patriots quarterback speeks publicly on his perception regarding the Patriots. Miller also added that he likes the pats to win the AFC East this upcoming season.

“I think people think their run is done,” Miller said in a telephone interview on Wednesday. “For whatever the reason, people don’t seem to give them the respect they deserve. I think Bill Belichick likes it that way.

“What I’m hearing from callers is that they think the off-season losses of players like Willie McGinest, Adam Vinatieri and David Givens are too much to overcome. I beg to differ. No. 1, to me, is that they still have Tom Brady. And that’s a big thing to have.”

“I think Bill Belichick is one of the most adept situational coaches in the league. He knows situations and preaches them to his players, which makes for smart football. In my whole 12-year career, I never had a head coach in my offensive meetings every day, going over reads and coverage’s.”

Resource: Mike Reiss from Reiss’s Pieces

2 Responses to Jim Miller Talks

  1. I’ll agree with Miller that the Pats will win the AFC East and I’ll add that they will go deep into the playoffs.

    If you look at the AFC East, who is a contender for the Pats crown?

    The Jets are in another QB controversy year waiting for Pennington or Ramsey to emerge. Same goes for the Bills who can’t make up their minds between Holcomb or Losman. It also extends to Miami’s QB situation. If Culpepper is not fully healed from a torn MCL/PCL/ACL last October (which takes a bit over a year to heal), then they turn to Joey Harrington.

    I guess what I’m getting to is that a successful football team needs stability at the QB position. The Pats have it and the other division teams do not, all they have is potential. You can make changes at RB, WR, and K and still have a productive offense but the QB is the position that puts the others in place to succeed.

  2. Just to add a little more…..

    Even though the RB position is a question mark with the Patriots (Corey Dillon’s health/age), look at the other teams in the division.

    Curtis Martin is 33, how long can he defy his age?
    Ronnie Brown is basically unproven…..he spilt time in college and split time last year with Ricky Williams.
    With no help at QB and 1 decent WR (Lee Evans), will Willis McGahee continue to see 8 defenders in the box?

    We could discuss each position but the Pats still maintain the most depth for a division run.

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