Training Camp preview – TE

No other teams TE situation looks as good as ours, lets take a look.

Daniel Graham – Heading into his last year left on his contract, Graham will hope to do a very good job so he can cash in for another team. Yeah I said it, another team. I doubt that the Patriots will make an offer to keep this guy, but that is if only Ben Watson and rookie David Thomas do well this season. But, I will take a Bill Belichick approach and go 1 day at a time. So in that case, Graham is a very solid TE for us. He is a very underrated blocking TE, actually one of the best in the league. His hands are questionable at times, but he can still go out and catch 4 passes a game. Going into training camp he’ll be our # 1 TE, but that doesn’t really mean anything because we will probably run with 2 or even 3 TE’s at a time.

Ben Watson – A big mystery on draft day (2004) but he has come on strong over the past year and looks like a future target for Brady. Watson is big (6-3 255) but yet he runs in the 4.4 (40) range. That’s incredible. There was some talk on some Pats forums around the net that he could be moved to WR, while he does have the abilities to be on, I doubt he gets moved anywhere. Watson showed off that he is an athletic freak in the Jaguars playoff game alone. In mini camp with Graham and Branch out, Watson was Brady’s favorite target often hitting him in the red zone. Watch for Watson to be a huge part in the Pats offense this year.

David Thomas – At the time we drafted Thomas, (round 3, pick 86) a lot of people didn’t really know why we drafted a TE. I personally didn’t know either. Until I realized Daniel Graham is a free agent and he’ll probably be gone after this season. Thomas is a great receiving TE, very rarely did he drop a pass from Vince Young at Texas. Although his route running is in question, I’d take this guy any day. If Thomas can be half the blocker Daniel Graham is, this guy will be a very good football player for a long time. In training camp, Thomas will need to keep up the good stuff, meaning, catching the ball, running his routes crisp, show some sign of blocking. But, I like this kid. He could be very good. Todd Heap?


One Response to Training Camp preview – TE

  1. The consensus on Watson is that if he can remain consistent, he is going to be a serious weapon for years to come. I think the obvious thing that both Watson and Graham need to work on are the drops. There are games where they just drop the easiest passes.

    They both have speed to get downfield. One of the best formations the Pats have is when they come to the line in a 2 TE/Single RB set and they split Graham and Watson to each side, changing to a 4 Wide. Put the RB in motion to the flat and Tom Brady has some sick options.

    Graham may be gone after this season, that’s true. If Watson emerges, it will make the blow a little easier to deal with.

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