Off Topic: World Cup

Not much Patriots news going around today, some good articles but nothing that is really worth talking about.

I just started watching soccer recently when the world cup started. I never really watched soccer before, always found it to be quite boring. But the more I watched the world cup the more I understood the game. I will also add it is highly intense.

In my opinion the England vs Portugal game was probably the most exciting and if not close to it. The fact that they played two half’s for forty five minutes each. And then having to go into overtime and play two overtime rounds for fifteen minutes each was just amazing to me. And then being able to have the energy to kick penalty shots just blows my mind.

Not sure why but I was rooting for brazil throughout the world cup. I was also disappointed when they lost to France 1-0 today. Not sure why since it didn’t matter much to me. But now I am going hop onto the Portugal bandwagon and say “Lets go Portugal”.


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