Training Camp preview – QB

Over the next 2 weeks we will be breaking down each position and getting you ready for July 28th's Patriots training camp. First we explore the QB position.

Tom Brady – Heading into the 2006 NFL season Brady will obviously be our starting QB. This guy does it all, making this franchise into what it is today. Looking ahead to training camp Brady will hope to be more on top of his game, in mini camp Brady overthrew WR's left and right and didn't really look like what we are accustomed of seeing out of him. However, he did improve as the camp went on. Most of his problems had to do with chemistry, he hasn't gotten a chance to throw to WR's like Chad Jackson, Erik Davis and other young WR's. I wouldn't worry though, Brady will be fine. And maybe when training camp rolls around he'll have his favorite target. Deion Branch.Matt Cassel – After backing up Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart at the University of South California, Cassel never really got a chance to play. However on draft day in 2005 the Patriots made Cassel their 7th round selection. At the time nobody has ever heard of him and knew for a fact that he wouldn't be apart of this team. Guess they were wrong. Not only did he make the team, but he started the last game against Miami in which he put up a good performance but the Patriots fell short, failing to excute a two point conversion. This year, Cassel will be our # 2 QB. With a cannon for a arm, Cassel will show off his stuff again this year, this time people will actually be watching.

Corey Bramlet – This is where it gets interesting, with 2 unproven QB's fighting for the # 3 QB spot it could cause the Patriots to sign a veteran like Jay Feidler. Bramlet however hopes to be this teams 3rd QB, the undrafted free agent from Wyoming has shown some good stuff in the past rookie mini camp but when it came to the team mini camp he struggled, often looking lost on plays and missing Brandon Childress and Erik Davis numerous times on pass routes. July 28th Bramlet must show something to prove that's he worth a roster spot.

Todd Mortensen – A product for the NFL Europe, Mortensen has a nice little arm but looks like a long shot to make this team. After looking bad in the past mini camp, Todd might not get a second change to make the Pats squad in training camp, he could be cut by then.

Heading into training camp the QB position looks set at slots 1 and 2, slot # 3 is up in the air.


3 Responses to Training Camp preview – QB

  1. Kevin says:


    Should re-read your grammar/spelling though.

  2. poofer says:

    I have a feeling Brady is going to be number 1 when the season starts.

  3. Ricky says:

    lol. Well the real position battle will be for the 3rd QB spot.

  4. poofer says:

    I think brady will win that too.

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