Some of our new guys

Here is a list of our draft selections and the pros and cons of who we got. The scouts did a overall good job selecting the correct players and I believe most of the rookies will be a big impact in the next couple of years.

Laurence Maroney


Drafted out of Minnesota

Position: RB

Ht: 6-0

Wt: 216


  • Very good athlete
  • Dominant runner when running aggressively
  • Very strong when he lowers his shoulders he can plow threw defenders.
  • very good instincts
  • Good hands
  • Has very fast foot quickness to make sharp cuts and gets through the hole fast.


  • Does not attack the small hole as much as he should.
  • Not a consistently productive pass blocker
  • Does not run aggressively on every snap
  • Known to be very lazy

Chad Jackson

Drafted out of Florida

Position: WR

Ht: 6-1

Wt: 205


  • Great Size
  • Great speed
  • Great Strengths
  • Very athletic
  • Not too bad of a blocker
  • Finished his Junior season with 88 receptions for 900 yards and 9 touchdowns


  • Has had attitude problems
  • May take some plays off

David Thomas

Drafted out of Texas

Position: TE

Ht: 6-3

Wt: 245


  • Good threat in the redzone
  • Always get the job done
  • Very intelligent player
  • First-team Academic All-Big 12 honors in 2004
  • Loves to lower his shoulder
  • Fight for extra yards
  • Very good hands
  • Knows how to get open


  • Does not have the speed to stretch the field
  • Lacks acceleration
  • Needs to get stronger
  • Not a Good Blocker

Garrett Mills

Drafted out of Tulsa

Position: TE

Ht: 6-1

Wt: 227


  • Has the natural flexibility to bend his knees and block with leverage.
  • Runs hard after the catch
  • Never stops fighting for extra yards
  • Can get down and pluck the low pass
  • Smart football player
  • Knows how to get open
  • Runs very sharp routes


  • Does not consistently get his head and shoulders around quickly after a cut
  • Can be tossed off his feet easily
  • Lacks the strength to block effectively at the line of scrimmage
  • Lacks the size to break tackles

Stephen Gostkowski

Drafted out of Memphis

Position: Kicker

Ht: 6-2

Wt: 210


  • Very accurate
  • Within 40 yards he will almost always make it
  • Has a strong leg


  • Probley cant make anything past + 47 yards
  • Was never devoted to football

Ryan O'Calloghan

Drafted out of California

Position: OT

Ht: 6-7

Wt: 360


  • Offensive tackle that dominates defenders
  • Can make all the blocks
  • Great technique and adequate athleticism for his size
  • Good run blocker


  • Little slow and unathletic at times
  • Needs to get stronger

Jermey Mincy

Drafted out of Florida

Position: DE

Ht: 6-4

Wt: 259


  • Does a very good job of getting his hands up into the passing lanes to tip passes
  • He can chase plays in pursuit
  • He has good playing strength at the point of attack and can hold his ground


  • Stiff in the hips and it hinders his ability to move well through traffic
  • Struggles to shed and get free consistently once the offensive tackle locks up on him
  • Not explosive off the ball as a pass rusher
  • Needs improvement in his technique

Le Kevin Smith

Drafted out of Nebraska

Position: DT

Ht: 6-1

Wt: 307


  • Shows surprising agility and balance adjusting while on the move to make good tackles
  • Very Strong
  • Good job getting inside reach block, keeps blocker on back and can chase down plays in pursuit.


  • Not as consistently aggressive
  • Does not always attack the play
  • Does not see low or side blocks coming and can be chopped to the ground or ridden out of the play too easily
  • Not consistent enough in his aggressiveness

Willie Andrews

Drafted out of Baylor

Position: S

Ht: 5-9

Wt: 182


  • Quick-footed
  • Reads the quarterback well in zone coverage
  • Quick enough to make tackles right after the catch on passes
  • Throws his body into the fray and tackle bigger ball carriers
  • Arm/grab tackles consistently


  • Backpedal is choppy
  • He is not a good tackler
  • He lunges/dives and misses too many tackles


3 Responses to Some of our new guys

  1. Ricky says:

    Nice job, however I have to disagree with you assesment of Jackson. He was never known for attitude problems, his major “weakness” his is label. A FLORIDA WR.

  2. poofer says:

    didn’t agree with a lot of it. Gostkowski will have no problem kicking 47+ that’s bull.

  3. Michael says:

    All of my facts came from scout sites, so dont blame me, I am just bring you what they can and cant do. They said the longest kick Gostkowski made was 45 yards. Thanks for being active here!

  4. poofer says:

    well, I can’t blame you for believing the experts, but I’ve seen Gostkowski make some 45 yarders that easily would have been good from 55+

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