Pats say no to Brooks

The New England Patriots were the only NFL team not to go see Virginia LB Ahmad Brooks workout. Brooks recently declared for the supplementary draft after missing the deadline for the NFL Draft and getting kicked off the Virginia Cavalier squad. If Brooks would have entered April's draft he could have been a top 15 pick. Now it will cost some NFL team a 2nd or 3rd round pick for him. The 49ers look to be very interested, having Mike Nolan (their head coach) go down to watch him. He was the only NFL coach in attendance. Brooks weighed in at 260 pounds, benched 225 pound 19 times and ran the forty yard dash in a good 4.68.

Belichick is good friends with Virginia coach Al Groh, and there are reports that Groh told Belichick not to waste his time with this kid.


7 Responses to Pats say no to Brooks

  1. poofer says:

    How’d this article change so much from yesterday to today?

    Didn’t it say that the Patriots were one of 31 teams that attended and that the coach probably gave Bill a recommendation??

  2. Michael says:

    Hi, I am the owner this blog. I was thinking the same thing. I will have a talk with him about changing his articles, thanks and hope you stay around.

  3. Ricky says:

    I did modify the article. I got a bad source on the first article, so I needed to change it. Sorry for the inconvience.

  4. jon says:

    Um, the Pats were not the only team not to see Brooks live. There were a number of teams that did not attend his workout.

    Also, when you cite there were reports that Belichck told Gorh not to waste his time with the kid, you’re treading in som eserious territory that probably needs to be substantiated with the minimum of a link to the source of the info or citing it as a source.

    One final note: why didn’t you just put in that Groh was visiting the Pats facility at minicamp so they probably talked about the kid there? May lend a bit more credence to your hypithesis that Belichick told Groh not to bother.

    Enjoyed the blog.

    Drop us a note if you want to put some of your writing up on a media site like PI in the future. We may be able to help facilitate that.

  5. Ricky says:

    From what I’ve heard the Pats didn’t attnend, and then I found out that 31 teams went.

  6. jon says:


    FYI: numerous conflicting reports are out there regarding the Brooks workout. It’s tough to tell where the corect info is, but here are some examples of the media reports out there.

    “According to agent Greg Williams, approximately 40 officials representing 22 teams attended Brooks’ Pro Day on the Charlottesville, Va., campus yesterday. The Patriots were not among them.”

    – MetroWest Daily News (Boston Herald) 6/23/06


    “Brooks, who was dismissed from the UVa program in March, has applied for the NFL’s supplemental draft, to be held July 13. Representatives of 31 of the 32 NFL teams – everybody but Minnesota – was on hand for his workout.”
    – Roanoke Times 6/23/06

    or this one:

    “On Thursday, we reported that all teams except the Bears were represented at the workout of former Virginia linebacker Ahmad Brooks.

    On Friday, there are discrepancies in the various reports regarding who was and wasn’t there. Gil Brandt of reports that 31 teams were present for the workout, but that the missing team was the Vikings, not the Bears.

    However, we’re now certain that the Bears were not there — so if Brandt is right that the Vikings weren’t present (and we’re not yet willing to concede that he is), then there were only 30 teams at the workout.”
    – PFT 6/23/06

    And it cites the Boston Herald (Metro West same site)


    “… As previously mentioned 22 teams were on hand with the Giants, Niners and Dolphins sending the largest contingents… ”
    – Insider’s Report

    You probably want to go with the Boston Herald and/or reports as they’re verified either by the agent or sources close to the school. The other ones appear to be following PFT which has been known to make mistakes previously, although it is a good place for first line rumors.

    Regardless, I enjoyed the blog… keep going, good job.

  7. Michael says:

    Thanks, I also understand what you are saying now. Thanks for sticking around, the blog is hopefully going to be getting new features and get even better!

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