What if?

If you haven't heard Pittsburgh Steelers rookie WR Santonio Holmes got arrested for the second time since the April 29th draft. If you don't remember correctly Holmes was the 25th pick in the draft, after the Steelers traded up to get him. A lot of people thought they should have drafted Chad Jackson (36th pick in the draft) but they went the other route, and thank god. We ended up trading up for the best WR in the entire draft, he's been great so far in both the rookie mini camp and the normal mini camp.

So what if? What if, the Steelers drafted Chad Jackson at pick 25? It's always fun to think, so that's what I did. Below, would be the draft sinerio if the Steelers took Jackson.

25 Steelers – WR Chad Jackson, Florida

36 Green Bay Packers – WR Santonio Holmes, Ohio State

I doubt we would have traded up for Holmes. We didn't work him out, but with Jackson we had multiple workouts with him and even gave him some WR's play to study. So lets move on, we stay put at pick 52.

52 New England Patriots – CB Richard Marshall, Fresno State

We would have taken the best available which is one of the guys Belichick loved, Richard Marshall. Lets fast forward just to pick 75.

75 New England Patriots – WR Maurice Stovall, Notre Dame

We then would get a WR, Stovall. Weis sold the Pats on this kid, so if we would have not gotten Jackson I bet Stovall would have been close.

Interesting uh? But, at the end of the day I've very happy with Chad Jackson. Thanks Pittsburgh.


2 Responses to What if?

  1. westthebest says:

    hilarious. What kind of a retard gets himself arrested twice after getting drafted early by a fairly strictly run team…

  2. Ricky says:

    To follow up with this, he might have a suspension to go with that by the NFL. What a jerk.

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