Our # 2 WR?

Lets not get to worried just because Deion Branch didn't show up for Mini Camp this week doesn't mean he won't play this season. He will, he's just sending a message like fellow Patriot, Richard Seymour did. With Branch absent for the past three days it gave the Patriots other WR's a chance to show their stuff. Below I will break down each candidate for the # 2 WR spot.


Reche Caldwell – After 4 years of disappointment in San Diego, the former 2nd round pick from Florida, gets a new chance with the Patriots. And he has made the most of it, this entire offseason he has gotten together with QB Tom Brady to run routes and get a chemistry down. At 6-0 212 pounds Caldwell possess good size for a #2 WR (like a David Givens) and has solid hands. With a lot of speed he will blow by almost any defender in this league and make the catch. The problem is his heath, he hasn't been healthy in a very long time. Right now he has the edge in this battle.

Chad Jackson – It was a bit of a surprise when he fell into round 2, at 6-1 215 Jackson uses his body extremely well. He is a very physical WR who has the best hands on the entire team. Along with good hands and a solid build, Jackson is a burner, running a 4.33 40 yard dash at the combine. Jackson is very quick off the ball, which is why he gets in a lower WR stance then most others. The big problem with this kid is his label. A Florida WR.

Troy Brown – The Veteran won't go away. Brown has done it all for this team and this could be his final year playing in the NFL. Brown always makes the great catch when it's clutch time. However he has defiantly lost a step from 4 years ago when he had 97 catches or 5 years ago when he had 101. Brown is more of a mentor to this team and will help the younger guys like Branch, Caldwell, and Jackson get their game better. Reche Caldwell who has shined in mini camp looks to be our # 2 WR, but I'm sure Chad Jackson won't just lay down and give it up. Stay tuned.


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