Dillon Feels Disrespected

Corey Dillon feels disrespected this off-season with the talk of him maybe being the backup RB behind Laurence Maroney who has been impressing many people during this weeks minicamp.

“I feel disrespected," Dillon said, responding to what he perceives as a media slant toward Maroney. "(The media makes me) feel like I have accomplished zero. And that's terrible. For a guy of my status, I've been doing this for a long time and to be crossed up and hey, who cares. I sleep easy. I sleep”

I guess the good news that you can take out of this is that Dillon will be working extra hard this season to prove again that he is the man at RB for the Patriots. And also good to hear that he is in great shape.

I would also like to give a thanks to Christopher Price from patsfan.com for his kind words about this blog in his latest post.

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  1. Cowboy says:

    Hallo! site the best! 🙂

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