Bill Belichick Talks To Press

Bill Belichick met with reports this morning follow practice of the second day of mini camp. Belichick started off by the following statement. He had some anger in his tone of voice today. (assume its about the Branch situation)

“We’re kind of pushing it along out there. We have a lot of people on the field and a lot of guys to work with. It’s good, it keeps it moving, it’s fresh. A lot of different combinations of people. We’re trying to work on a little bit of everything — passing game, running game, red area, two-minute stuff, a little special teams, blitzes. Just trying to throw a lot out there and see what sticks.”After a brief statement Belichick answered a few questions.

Is Matt Cassel ready to be a No. 2 quarterback?
“I don’t know. … He’s working hard, making some progress. We’ll see how it goes in the preseason, training camp, when it’s real football.”

Can a player lose a job in a minicamp?
“I guess if a player was bad enough, he probably could. To me, the real competition starts in training camp. There is always a numbers issue, so I’m not saying you couldn’t have a personnel change between now and the start of training camp. But I think what you’re really looking for in minicamps is to make sure everyone is competitive. If you feel that a player wouldn’t be competitive on your team in a training camp environment, you try to find somebody that is.”

With John Hannah set to be honored at an event in Boston this week, what are your memories of him?

“We didn’t play against John that much, but I think he’s kind of a prototype guard, especially for that day. Not as tall as a tackle, but thick. Very hard to move. A lot of lower body strength. Had a lot of good movement in the running game. When he played with [Leon] Gray, it was hard to get much done on that side of the line. He was a strong, physical guy who could run.”

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