Tedy Bruschi Is Fine

Good news today with Tedy Bruschi saying he is 100%, doing everything to perfection in minicamp and waiting for the start of the season. Last season Bruschi missed the minicamp and the first 6 games of the season due to mild stroke.

"The off-season workouts have gone great for me so far," said Bruschi, who is entering his 11th NFL season. "I participated in virtually every one and I look forward to completing the program and being ready for training camp" starting the second half of July.”

"I believe in the process — off-season workouts, minicamps, training camps, preseason," he said. "To truly get ready for the opener you need all this stuff. You need steps like this and it's nice to see that everybody's got a good attitude out here and is excited about getting back to work."

When he wasn't out there we had a lot of mix-ups, just not a lot of order," Hobbs said, "but when he comes he kind of ceases all the chaos. He knows how to get everybody in line and he just has a controlling voice out there. You know when you're hearing his voice; it's very demanding, but calm and in control."

"I always judge myself by how I'm doing in the off-season workouts, and I'm doing great," Bruschi said. "I just turned 33 (last Friday), and I'm keeping an eye on myself to see if I'm getting old or not. I'm still feeling good."

I am very happy to hear the Bruschi is ready to start the 06-07 season. His presence is greatly needed out their with the loss of Willie McGinest as a free agent to the Cleveland Browns.

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