Brady Getting Frustrated

Tom Brady was upset yesterday after the opening day of Patriots minicamp. Things didn’t go to well with Brady and frustration the new receivers were giving him during the 7-on-7 drill.

"That was fucking terrible, offense," he barked over his shoulder as he and the Pats receivers broke into separate groups midway through yesterday morning's practice. "Just fucking terrible."

You can understand the frustration that Brady was going through. As the receivers fell coming off of cuts. Brady’s passes were getting knocked down by the secondary. And truthfully the hole drill looked horrible and very sloppy.

"We have to wake the fuck up," he barked at the receivers at one point, though using "we" being a surprising word in his statement.

"Just now, in the two-minute drill, we were walking through that at the end of the practice," Brady said by way of example. "Before it would be Troy Brown and David Givens and Deion Branch, and now it's Reche Caldwell and John Stone and Troy. So just trying to get used to those new guys and get those guys accustomed to what we're doing takes time.”

"Over the years you develop a rapport with guys and that's just through throwing a lot of passes," he continued. "There are certain ways I look at Deion and read his body language coming out of routes where I can really throw the ball early and anticipate it. Until you really throw enough of those passes where you can start understanding that, you're always hesitating a little bit.”

"Part of that, like I said, is just getting used to the new guys and trying to really get them up to speed to where we're at, so we don't take too many steps backwards."

"There is so much to our offense that you need to learn," Brady said. "There are a lot of new positions, there's new terminology, getting used to different guys throwing you the ball. It's a tough position in our offense, because you need a lot of flexibility within that group.”

"It's challenging. I think over the last few weeks we've made some improvement, but we're still a long way away from where we need to be."

Brady isn't worried about Branch.

"He's the guy I'm least concerned about," said Brady. "I'm less concerned about him than I am about myself. It's something that is totally out of my control. I need to work on hitting the guys that are open out here, which I didn't do today. Today was like fingertip day. Every ball was off the fingertips.”

"It means we weren't really as accurate as we need to be. . . . We have to become more accurate and read the field better and try and eliminate some of the interceptions. There weren't any interceptions today or turnovers, but certainly not enough completion.”

Last week Tom Brady talked to Branch even though they aren’t working together this off-season (like they usually do).

"He's in shape and he looks good," said Brady. "As usual, he's going to have a great year. It's not going to take long (to get on the same page) because I know him so well. When he gets here, it's not going to take any time at all. He'll come out here and you'll think he didn't miss a day."

From the sound of it Brady would love Branch to come back soon as possible. And if it were up to him he would give Branch what he wants today. But with the frustration coming from their superstar I highly doubt the Patriots will not give branch his bonus before the start of the season to help Brady out.

But could Branch holdout maybe become a long term good situation?

The receivers that Brady is taking extra time to work with that he wouldn’t have if Branch was their may turn out to be good if- Branch get injured. Brady and the receivers will be more on the same page as they worked extra time together during the off-season.


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