A Fresh Start

When we traded Bethel Johnson I'm sure every Patriots fan was very pleased. However, they seen who we got for him and were kind of disappointed. Johnathan Sullivan. Another bust in this league, Sullivan was drafted with the 6th pick in the 2003 NFL Draft. That is the same draft we got Ty Warren, Eugene Wilson, Asante Samuel, Dan Koppen, and Bethel Johnson. New Orleans liked this Junior from Georgia so much they traded two first round picks to move up to pick 6 to select him.But, why didn't he pan out in New Orleans? Laziness, overweight, out of shape, ect. Michael Felger from the Boston Herald reported that right when new Saints coach Sean Payton seen him, he wanted him gone. So why would the Patriots bring this kid in? Before the trade we had two unproven defensive tackles to back up Vince Wilfork, 1 year (undrafted) player from Cincinnati Mike Wright and a rookie, a 6th round pick from Nebraska, Le Kevin Smith. Bringing in a 6-3 335 (listed at 315) defensive tackle to help out Wilfork was a good move. If anyone can change a player around it is Belichick, nobody thought Belichick could change Corey Dillon from a it's all about me player, to a team player, but he did. Belichick also cooled down Rodney Harrison, kept Tebucky Jones tame (then he exploded, that's why we cut him), dealt with P.K Sam who had attitude problems (but got cut the beginning of this offseason), and Ben Coates.

With all the problems with Sullivan he can bring some good things to a team. Not only can he take up about 2 1/2 players but Sullivan has good tackling ability, showing that off at Georgia with 154 career tackles. When he is playing this season he'll be paired up with former teammate and the 6th pick in the 2001 draft, Richard Seymour. Sullivan needs to come into mini/training camp with a new rap sheet and he needs to do what he does best, no not eat, play football.


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