Patriots Minicamp

The Patriots will be reunited on Tuesday for their annual minicamp at Gillette Stadium. Its finally time to start watching Pats football again after a long an anticipated off season. Time to see what are rookies are mode of. Time to see what shape are players are in. And time see just how good we are.

It will be interesting to see if Deion Branch will be attending. I highly doubt that we will see him at the minicamp Tuesday. As he will continue the unconfirmed holdout. Looking back to past holdouts I don’t believe it will last very long. Within the next six weeks you see the Patriots organization applying to Branch’s demands.

Few other things to look for is the going to be the fight between Corey Dillion and Laurence Maroney for the No.1 running back spot. You will probley see Dillion coming into minicamp in great shape to prove he still is the No.1 man.

Also expect rookie out of Florida Chad Jackson to show everything he has. This is time for Jackson to prove himself, that he is ready and has the ability to be the Patriots starting wide receiver and for Tom Brady to be able to have trust in him.


One Response to Patriots Minicamp

  1. Ricky says:

    Jackson will impress. He is our best WR other than Branch

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