Eugene Wilson Ready to Prove

Their has been a lot of talk about Eugene Wilson and his disappointing 2005-2006 season. As you many recall when Rodney Harrison went down a lot more was added onto Wilson. My question is did the pressure get to him?

“Overall, I thought I played consistent. But at the same time I was limited,” Wilson said following a recent workout at Gillette Stadium. “So many guys were out and so many guys were just learning the package, I had to sit back. It felt like I was playing the deep middle the whole year. So it wasn’t like I was in the position to have an impact.”

Wilson was asked if he felt like he was “baby sitting” more than playing. “Most definitely,” he said. “I wasn’t able to go down in the box with the big boys and get dirty. I’m looking to do a lot more of that this year.”

Last two years Harrison was in charge of the defense. But when Harrison went down Wilson had to do things such as call out the formations and get the players in their correct spot. Maybe this just took his mind off the other he was doing the last 2 years.

“It wasn’t a struggle to take on a role with the (pre-snap) checks and all that, but it did make a big difference in how teams attacked us,” Wilson said. “With Rodney there they would go away from him and that’d give me some chances. Last year, because of the position I was in, teams didn’t come after me. That was the biggest difference.”

Hopefully these were the reasons why Wilson had a highly disappointing year in many eyes. We need him on are defense doing the things he was the first two years. From the stuff I have read on him this off-season, I believe that he will be able to go back to his old ways since a lot of the weight will be lifted off of his shoulders and be able to go back to his natural position when Harrison is back by his side.

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