Trade in the works?

According to Yahoo sports, TE Daniel Graham's name has been talked about in a three team trade. The "deal" if you would call it that, would look like this. (Below)

Patriots get – Ashley Lelie (WR)

Broncos get – Daniel Graham (TE) and T.J Duckett (RB)

Falcons gets – Draft picks

Losing Daniel Graham wouldn't mean the end of the world, it would just mean that Ben Watson would be our # 1 TE and David Thomas the rookie from Texas our # 2 TE. In return we would get a solid # 2 WR who could be a pro bowler. It would also allow us to move down Chad Jackson to # 3 WR and Reche Caldwell to # 4, that would make our offense a lot more dangerous.

I'd do it.

2 Responses to Trade in the works?

  1. frank says:

    NO WAY – Graham is awesome , should he stay healthy for a year, he is one of the top TE’s in football.

    Lelie sucks

  2. I agree with you about that. But I do have concern about his abilty to stay healthy. I don’t think that trade would be helpful for us.

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