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I found this little article from Fox Sports today. Basically discussing the same things that I went over a few days ago. They believe that Branch is worth a $12 million bonus. But as I recently stated that is to much. And most Patriots fans I talk to believe so to.

“Isn't attending the Patriots voluntary passing camp. And you just know it is because he wants a new deal. The receiver is scheduled to earn more than $1 million this year in the final season of his contract. The Boston Herald reports he wants $12 million in bonus money. Branch is worth it. And he will likely get his money, just like Richard Seymour got what he deserved a year ago.

And give the Pats credit for giving offensive lineman Russ Hochstein a two year extension. The versatile lineman stepped in brilliantly at center when Dan Koppen went down last year.”

I personally think Branch is the top 3-5 players on the team. But on average star receivers in the NFL are receiving $10 million contracts. So why does Fox Sports and others believe we should pay Brach $12 million? Branch is a star but don’t believe he is at that super star level quite yet.

One Response to Fox Sports Opinion

  1. Ricky says:

    I agree with your last statement, I don’t think he’s worth 12 million. Say we get Lelie in a trade, he could be our # 1 WR next year and then Chad Jackson our # 2.

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