Not your typical Florida WR

It started when Gene Washington walked up to the podium at around 5:00 pm. "The Patriots pick, WR from Florida, Chad Jackson." What went through your head when we picked Jackson? Excitement, joy, worried, or anger? Were you saying, "Oh no he's a Florida WR." As a matter of fact I've talked to Ken Powers, former Pats writer but got fired for copying Peter King's right up about Superbowl 36, and he came out and told me that deep down he's scared about the Florida WR curse. Let me just tell you, Don't be scared, you need to look into it. Most of the notables that failed at Florida player under Steve Spurrier, we all know how he turned out in the pros. Chad has played in two different offenses at Florida, in one he was an outside WR and a deep threat, then he got moved to the inside where he was a possession WR. Not many college WR's go through that transition into different offenses when there just in college, and none really put up good numbers like Chad did.
2004 – 29 648 22.3
2005 – 88 900 10.2
Before Urben Myer showed up there was no work ethic among the players. Players like Taylor Jacobs, Reche Caldwell, and Travis Taylor never were known to be physical and had no muscle on their body. Chad even admitted he was lazy before Myer got there. Chad then spent countless hours in the gym and it showed with 88 catches, Chad caught 97% of the ball thrown at him, not bad. Mel Kiper even pointed out on draft day that Chad's hands are the best to come out of college in the last couple of years. So now what? Okay he has an different work ethic then the others, okay he has great hands, but how did he fall into round 2? Listen, we all knew this WR class was awful and if Jackson was in the 2005 Draft, he would have carried on an 2nd round grade, so no worries there. Fast forward, if you really knew what Bill Belichick does you would know he drafts players that fits our system and Belichick just so happens to be good friend with Urben Myer which would explain why we draft two Florida kids (Jackson and Mincey) and have about 4 more on our mini camp roster. So is Jackson ready to be our # 2 WR? I think it might be to early, but I can guarantee one thing, he won't be a typical Florida WR.


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